Island Dreaming

Just because it’s fun to dream, and the thought of living on a small island (or boat) is more appealing than ever these days…

It’s fun to sit down and think – hey, it could happen – for a week, a month, a few years, or even many may years. I just stumbled on some videos of families with kids about the same age as Levi who picked up and bought one-way tickets to an island in Indonesia, which gave me hope that we could somehow make that happen.

So, time to dream up my dream scenario.  Even though at this point, all I need are some fun waves, sand and coconut trees, (and water and bug repellent but I’m not getting into those details.) Hey, if I won Powerball and could make it happen, there’d be some fun details to include…

My dream private island setup:

A small dock with a boat to take us out to explore fun waves around the island. And just jump off of, watch the fish, and hang out on or workout on too.

Lots of hammock/hanging chair reading nooks on the beach and around the house

An outdoor/open-air gym that overlooked the beach.

Wifi is super reliable BUT only works for four hours a day – 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening. Or maybe make it 2 hours a day – one hour in each time frame.

The island itself could not be geotagged

I’m on the fence about cell service.

However, there’d be a yearly let’s have a helluva great time surf, dive, relax, work out, eat, drink and be merry, damn life is good, retreat (You’re all invited)

My home office/studio would be in a treehouse ( Or little she-shed guest house) and have the best natural lighting imaginable.

A cool star viewing/beach bonfire area with a telescope would be a nice touch.

There’d be a good cold plunge/ice bath setup – not just for health reasons, but to keep my husband, who is always complaining about how hot he is, happy.

Lots of smoothies, fish, gratitude, and being high on life, because damn, just the thought of being on a private island gets me pumped. The details? Eh, all that’s just fun to think of and get a list going.

Keep on dreaming. Dream big, dream small, just keep on dreaming for you.

..and if anyone knows of a place like this that exists, let me know so I can look into booking a trip there soon.

*Pics above are all from my trip to the Maldives many moons ago…where I lived on a boat and there were lots of gorgeous islands. 

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