Wild Sunshine

I’m back at my parent’s house for the week, and there’s been an unexpected pleasant surprise here in the high desert foothills of Colorado. Sunflowers. Little wild ones are everywhere. Yeah, it’s usually super dry and beige-hued this time of year. Well, thanks to some heavy rainfall they had in June, it’s somewhat green, and there are yellow dots all over.

So, on our morning dog walk, I brought my camera, my mom brought her flower clipper dealios, and she insisted that we needed at least 25 for a big bouquet. I think we ended up with 27.

There’s just something about being in a wide-open space with amazing lighting, and feeling inspired. My inspiration meter’s been running on empty, or autopilot, sometimes I can’t differentiate between the two. Ok, I also got a new camera (in an attempt to stop using my darn phone for all my pics) – and had fun testing and figuring this sucker out.

So here you go. Sunflowers in the high Colorado desert, and a dog walk.

Felt good to breathe, walk, and be inspired. And I hope these wildflowers in bloom turn into a regular, once-a-year gig for the area.

It’s kind of amazing what a little rain can do to a desert.


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