Garage Style

Well, it only took two years living at our place to realize the garage makes a great backdrop…on a sunny day. Keyword = sunny. But still, I’m kind of pumped to have found a fun way to show off my uniform every now and then, even if my neighbors think I’m crazy. Which they probably already do.

So cheers for feeling styling at home, and for quick, imperfect iPhone pics to document it.

Also,  I found the Jacket (Isabel Marant) over at ThredUp at a fraction of a fraction of what it initially sold for, and the same goes for the Jeans (Moussy Vintage), but those were gently used on eBay. Le internet has so many online consignment shops – Thredup, eBay, Poshmark, The Real Real, etc – it makes it easy to find a treasure that doesn’t break the bank, but might break someone’s heart when they ask where you found it 🙂

Yay for garage style. This is fun, and it just feels good to get out of sweats or workout gear.

First combo:

Isabel Marant Jacket – Current Isabel Marant stuff on ThredUp here

Faithfull The Brand Shirt Dress – Similar one on Ebay

Lucchesse boots (these were my high school graduation gift. Proof good boosts last a while.)

Electric Sunglasses – Style = The dude 

Second Combo:

Moussy Vintage Jeans – The Odessa 

Carve Design sweater

Lack of Colour Hat



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