Some More Happy Feet

Here’s the latest from the nail art department. It goes to show that if they’re sandy, chipped, sunbleached, and fresh off the beach, or freshly painted and in my backyard…both sets are pretty darn happy. Ok, I prefer the imperfect messy beach look. But still…

Instructions for all the prints are below. They’re easy to paint, it’s just not that easy getting super close to my toes to paint them. Yay hip flexibility.

Tools: I like to use nail art tools like these, then I love Essie and Zoya polishes. 

For the tropical print toes: 

• Paint toes background color of choice

• Paint palm fronds, which are one long curved line with little curved lines coming off of it.

• Flowers on top = five little dots in a circle with another dot in the middle (in a different color)

Now, for the happy yellow, beige, white toes:

Tie Die = Paint stripes in whatever colors you want, then drag a pen through the wet polish going from top to bottom, and alternating directions.

Sun Shine = Paint a dot in one corner, then paint thin lines coming out of it. Don’t “drag the polish” out from the dot, or else it will look like an amoeba.

Tiger Stripes = Paint thin lines that don’t go all the way across, and just alternate what side you start on.

Flower toes = Paint a bunch of those handy little five dot flowers again and just space them out around the bottom corner and the top. So it’s not just covering the whole nail with the flowers.

Messy dot toes = It’s just that. A few big messy imperfect dots.

Done. I used a matte finish topcoat on these and kiiiind of love how it looked.


Yay for happy feet. At home or at the beach. Or, if your home is at the beach, consider that winning the happy feet powerball.

More nail art posts aqui. 



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