A dozen rad, colorful, mood boosting things

Happy, colorful, boholicious rad stuff is just an instant mood lift. Regardless if it’s meant for the beach or just makes the beach feel like it’s on your couch. So, I rounded up a dozen things that fit those criteria. Enjoy, and choose joy, or choose to wear it.

Left to right, top to bottom:

Anything by KIINI – These luxurious bright crochet-meets-neoprene numbers have been on my radar for almost a decade. I feel cooler just looking at them.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks – These beauties are ridiculously soft, colorful, comfortable, and handwoven by expert craftswomen of the Mlabri Tribe in the hills of Northern Thailand. Queue happy nap place.

Mowi Hats– I’m reeeeeaally wishing I knew about these hats when I was in Punta Mita. Welp, that tie-dye number is yet another reason to go back soon. There’s a TIE DYE STYLE!

Chasing Unicorns palm pants – My savings plan does not approve of my infatuation with everything by Chasin Unicorns, but I mean…if there was ever a perfectly happy pair of palm party pants, here you go.

Soludos Yin Yang platform sneakers – Holy moly batman these embroidered terry kicks are rad. Also love how I don’t really have to wear socks with their sneakers.

Jin Soon nail polish – Daisy – This might be the happiest flower/clear polish I’ve ever laid my eyes on. And plan on painting on my nails soon, too.

Happy Home slippers – These embroidered smiley feet slippers are perfect for doing the happy dance at home. Or, for jsut starting at my feet while I watch Ted Lasso.

Nartesa – Wayuu bag – These unique bags are bright, incredible, one of a kind, and handwoven by artisans in the Wayuu region of Columbia. So yeah, they’re incredible. .

XIX Palms dresses – …or sets, or rompers, or anything, really. They always nail the tropical prints, Always. Bonus points that the wrap dresses can also be a long kimono dealio.

Wings Hawaii Boyfriend flannels – Vintage, oversized, with touches of crochet and tropical vaibes. These shirts are just ohhh so lovely.

Las Bayadas…anything. Colorful stripes, neon combos, instantly whisks me back to Sayulita. Yum.

Aviator Nation Tiger Collection – I miiiiiight’ve gotten some of these sweats for myself for Mother’s day. and I miiight be wearing them as I type this.

Done. Yay.

More roundups aqui. Love making these things.

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