Ohh Levi, how I love being your Mama. It’s a blast. He’s a blast. and I never knew a kid could be this much fun. I am so thankful for my mom who constantly showed me how fun it is to be a mom, among many other things. Bring on the macaroni necklaces, talks about superheroes, karate lessons (I am his 24/7 sparring partner nowadays), legos and more legos, cuddling up and reading, finding ways to make him laugh, and hopefully future surf dates together, too. I can’t wait for that. Actually, I can. A kid is a daily reminder of how quickly time flies.

On that note, going to go check on him and stare at him a little before I go to sleep. Then get some sleep, because I need lots of coffee to keep u nowadays.

Hope you enjoy a few little snaps from the weekend. I was at the beach, which means pretty much unplugging and soaking up life with my little dude. One of these is definitely a print-out-and-framer.


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