Yay Art

Ohhh painting. Aside from staring at the blank pieces of paper for a few days before finally getting the confidence to do the first brushstroke, it’s been a blast. Once those first brush strokes bust the flood gates open.

So, I’ve realized the following:

– Big floral pieces are the most relaxing to paint. It’s like creating a big puzzle full of flowers.

– Portraits are a blast – once you stop being concerned with making it look exactly like the person

– Yellow ochre might be my most versatile and used color. It just makes the pinks and blues pop. Even just a few dots here and there.

Silver brushes are incredible and worth the investment.

– I have no clue how to teach watercolor. In fact, I have soooo much to learn, in the technique department. But hey, I’m having a blast in the process.

That’s it. I have some fun stuff in the works for the shop, and a few of these paintings are headed off to new homes in Japan. More about that soon.

Yay art.

Now, go grab a brush and paint.

Or at least find a pencil and go draw.

My little art shop: goldfishkissgoods.com


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