Four Waterl<ss Days

Thanks to Waterl<ss Haircare for sponsoring this post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.

So I did a little hair experiment. Well, It’s not really an experiment but more of a documentation. I don’t wash my hair that often and find it hard to remember the exact amount of days since the last time I cracked open the shampoo in the shower. So, I went four days with no hair washing and wanted to see what it looked like. All I used were Waterl<ss Haircare products: The Dry Shampoo No Residue, The Dry Conditioner Weightless Smooth, and finally, on day four, I needed some of the Fragrance Mist too.

Fun times.

In case you aren’t familiar with Waterl<ss Haircare, they started in Cape Town during the water crisis of 2019 as a way for people of all hair types to go without washing their hair – and have it still look and feel great. Well, it worked so well they went global.

It’s great stuff and my fine, sometimes oily hair, loves it. I’m writing this on day five (finally washed it) and have to say I really miss the texture and volume of my day four no-wash hair. It felt like I had twice the amount of hair that I do…and kiiinda had a Farrah Fawcett vibe going on.

So, here are the day-by-day notes, and also an unprecedented amount of pictures taken of my hair to document it all for evidence. Ohh my camera roll was entertaining this past week.

No-wash Day 1: This is the one day I brushed my hair before taking the pics. (Whoops.) Hair was last washed 27 hours before this. Bring it on Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner.

No-wash Day 2:  This was a cold and grey cloudy day…so needed a little hair pick me up. I put in some fresh new flat iron waves (Which held nicely because of my hair not being clean. Love it when that happens.) Sprayed on the same dynamic duo as day 1.

No-wash Day 3: Note to self: This might be my favorite texture and volume day of it all. So If I ever have a social life/place to go I need to wash my hair three days before.

No Wash Day 4:  I was surprised my curtain bangs and layers around my face still weren’t oily looking at all (which is the main reason I have to cave and wash my hair.) Hair felt freaking fantastic, even though it was full of dried sweat, so I added in some fragrance mist.

There you go. Four days of saving time and water using Waterl<ss haircare ended up looking pretty darn great.

Maybe next time I’ll go for six. It should make for a rather sweet messy topknot on the last day.

Thank you so much Waterl<ss for the great hair days, and for all that you’re doing. Now go check out their products.

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