Bikini Hair Ties

Figured I’d bring back this oldie but goodie DIY, especially since now is the time of year when new bikinis are on the mind and the radness is beginning to pop up everywhere. (Keep me away from the free people swim secton.)

Anywho, ff you have any old, worn-out pieces of swimwear (you know the ones that fall off or make you have a nip slip if you sneeze) here’s a fun fact: they can be repurposed to make quite a few super easy yet fun hair ties.

I made about a dozen today, and it made for a rather cool arm stack in the process. I also used one of them when I worked out later and it held that messy pony like a champ.

Speaking of the process, here’s all you have to do:

• Grab some scissors and an old worn-out bikini, then cut off some strips of the fabric – I did about 1″- 1.5″ wide x 6″ or so long (enough to wrap around your wrist and tie in a knot)

• This brings us to the next step – wrap the strip of fabric around your wrist and tie in a double knot. Should be secure but not too tight.

• Cut off as much of the loose end as you’d like.

Boom. Hair tie.

• If you have an old string bikini those stretchy l’il strings are a hair tie gold mine –  just cut off the string, tie around your wrist and get rid of the loose ends.

Easy peasy.

It makes parting with an old bikini a little easier. Trust me, I know it’s a hard thing to do. Bikinis are little pieces of fabric that somehow hold quite a few sunny and salty memories.

That will now be in your hair.

More DIYs aqui. 


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