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Hi, my name is Rebekah, and I love talking about beauty products. I also love giving away a bunch of them so you can try some out too. 

I’ll stop blabbing, trying to be extra witty, or making this intro longer than it needs to be. Here’s some of the latest and greatest products (some new, some old and still frequently used, and one is even empty) that are part of my lineup. 


• Bumble & Bumble Surf Foam Spray – Yes this has been on here before, but it’s just that good. I love this stuff. I rarely use it as directed. Just scrunch a little in damp hair and go. Dries with that perfect salty crunch. I might use it on Levi sometimes too. His hair is fun to play with. 

Malie Organics time (I know, I always talk about them)

• Malie Organics Mango Butter Bun  – this is my surf trip, or any trip where you might get a ton of sun essential. I LOOOOVVVEEEEE this thing. It’s a bar made up of mango and cocoa butter, vitamin E and turmeric. You hold it under warm water then rub the bun all over your body. I even put it on my face. It hydrates, heals, and protects your skin. Plus it smells heavenly. If I had to choose a favorite Malie product, this would be it. Butter your buns, and everything else. 

• Then, when I was back on Kauai the gals at Malie gave me some of their new Botany Beauty skincare line to try. It’s an organic, fragrance free line powered by potent plants and essential oils….and as with all malie stuff, I’m a fan. Especially the Cleansing polish – filled with pineapple and papya enzymes, and hibiscus petals, olive seeds and craberry seeds to exfoliate. My skin says yum. 

Gallany Cosmetics Cheeks and Face duo in Endless Summer bronzing duo – this is my daily sweep on my cheeks and glow. Seriously I use it every darn day. Just a few sweeps gives that perfect bronze with a hint of peach glow. It stays on for a while too. 

Supergoop! Invincible setting powder SPF 45. I honestly don’t know what my favorite sunscreen line will come up with next. This stuff is a 100% mineral sunscreen that goes in with a satin smooth finish. It’s a lovely lightweight, reapply over makeup, while setting your makeup, option. Plus it’s great for keeping in your purse and putting on your face or chest whenever you find yourself needing some sun protection. (Thanks Supergoop! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.)

Clary Collection all purpose healing balm. I’m loving this new line out of Nashville, and their small batch, hand blended, 100% organic skin care products. This balm that they sent me is delicious. Plus I just love an all purpose tin I can carry with me and use on lips, as a highlighter, to tame my brows, hydrate my face after the beach…or slather on Levi. Also I was a total dumbass and left on some facial hair remover for way too long because it was expired and didn’t work, which basically gave myself a chemical burn…so I used the healing balm on my face, and it helped calm and sooth my skin instantly. (The hair remover got thrown away). This stuff shall be with me 24/7. 

MOROCCANOIL Treatment. – I’ve been a fan of Moroccan oil products for over a decade now, and am convinced this is some of the greatest hair oil ever. There, I said it. One pump on damp hair, and boom. So many of my hair nuisances seem to vanish. There’s a reason this product ignited the whole argan oil rage. 

Beauty Counter Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer and No.1 Brightening facial oil – A friend of mine from college sells Beauty Counter and sent me a few products to test. Now I can see what all the fuss is about. My skin absolutely loves the skin oil (silky smooth and has so much good stuff in it I could write the longest run on sentence ever) and the adaptive moisturizer is a blessing disguised in a turquoise and white tube for my combination skin.

Karuna masks – I looooove me a sheet mask, it’s honestly some of the only masks I ever take the time to use. Pick a skin concern, they will have a sheet to tackle it. I love the antioxidant and brightening ones. Then plan on using a mud one after I finish this post. And I think the foot and hand masks they also make are fantastic. Since my hands and feet need some serious love. 

Trader Joes Lavendar Salt Scrub – If I had to choose one body scrub to use for the rest of my life, this would be it. (Just don’t use it on your legs after you shave. Ouch.) This tub is empty. So mom if you’re reading this, please pick me up a tub next time you go to TJ’s. I’ll pay you back when I see you in a few weeks.

and last but not least…

Urban Decay Backtalk Eye Palette – Urban decay sent me a buttload of makeup to try and this palette was too fun not to share. It’s all based off of neutral mauvey shades, and is half eyeshadow/half highlighter/blush/stuff you can probably use as eyeshadow too. I finally threw away my Naked 2 palette (after 7 years of continued use.) and this has helped numb the pain. For whenever I actually take the time to put on eyeshadow. 

There you go. Lineup. April 2018. Donezo.

If you’re in the mood to check out more products, you can find my previous lineup posts/beauty recommendations here.

**I didn’t forget about the GIVEAWAY. In an effort to share the love (aka free products I get to test out and share), I’m giving away a box full of beauty products for you to try (unused, promise). To enter: Just let me know what your favorite product was from this post (and why) in the comments section below. Winner will be announced and contacted by me in a week.**Giveaway Closed. The winner is Shanon D. – Thank you all for entering and taking the time to share your thoughts. Loved reading them. 

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