My Go To Natural Beauty Hacks.


As much as I love all the beauty products I get to test out, and am working on my next lineup post, there are some au natural beauty hacks that are still my go to’s. I use them all the time, and am still a firm believer in their ability to work miracles, or at least make a difference. Especially honey as face wash. Don’t get me started.

So, I wanted to briefly round up my favorite head to toe easy natural beauty hacks. Aka stuff you find in your pantry that works wonders on your skin, hair, etc. (Maybe trick is a prettier word than hack, but hack makes it sound like it’s a really cool discovery. Like something you’d do to Ikea furniture or something.) 

Here we go. Hopefully this will be a list worth printing out or saving. I definitely might. 


Honey face wash – If I had a favorite it would be this one. If your skin is acting weird, in any way shape or form, try washing your face with raw honey for a week. It hydrates, soothes, has antimicrobial properties, and is liquid sticky gold. Yes it cleans well too.

Sugar scrub – Grab a teaspoon of sugar, the plain white stuff, and massage in gentle circles on your damp face until it dissolves into a sticky texture, keep rubbing for a bit more. Rinse. Boom. Baby soft skin. 

Coconut oil Overnight treatment – When my skin is acting up (acne/hormonal wise) I slater on coconut oil all over my face before going to sleep. It works. I know, it might sound weird but it really, really does. 


Soft lips Toothbrush + coconut oil scrub: The best way for soft lips, and to get rid of flakey ones, is to gently brush your lips with your tooth brush. No, you don’t need toothpaste. But putting on some coconut oil afterwards is highly recommended.


Sand scrub – Ok you cant find this in your kitchen, but next time you are at a beach with warm water and nice sand, sit down, grab some handfuls of the damp stuff, and scrub a dub dub. This is by far my favorite DIY body scrub. The finer and nicer the sand, the better. So yeah, if anyone’s headed to Lanikai or Bora Bora anytime soon, definitely try this out. 

Whipped coconut oil Body butter – Using a stand up or hand mixer, whip up 1 cup of solidified coconut oil with a little bit of vitamin e (I bite open a few of my pills and squirt them in) after a few minutes the once solid coconut oil will be light and fluffy and ready to be slathered on your skin…while you dream of Tahiti. (Full post coming up on this new one soon)


Apple Cider Vinegar rinse – Every week or two, after washing your hair, rinse it with a mixture of 3tbs apple cider vinegar + 8 oz water. Let sit for 3-5 minutes. Rinse out and condition, Bam. Hair will be shinier than ever.

Happy hydrated hair – Slater on some coconut oil or olive oil, tie up in a bun, and leave on for however long you want. Shampoo, condition, or just say to hell with it and go for the greasy look. Happy hairs for everyone.


My favorite foot buffer – is a barefoot walk on the beach. Sorry not in your kitchen. But still 100% au natural. Putting hand creme on my feet then sleeping with socks on helps ‘em too. Go me. 


Smile – It’s the best makeup you can wear. And sunshine is also good for your teeth. Just two quotes I love, combined into one final tip. (And yes, I realized I am not smiling in the pic above, but trust me, I was smiling on the inside. and just really wanted to use this pic anyways)

The head to to wonder product:

WATER – water, water, water…water, water, water…water, water, and more water. When in doubt, drink it up. And drink it up some more. Yay Water. 

High five. 

I hope a few of these help with any problems anyone might be having. I know the honey face wash sure helped me. So I love passing this kind of stuff along. If you have any tips or tricks, feel free to share in the comments, and I’m 99% likely to give it a try.

Cheers to good health, healthy beauty, keeping things simple, and face scrubs that double as coffee sweeteners. 

*One piece from Ola Feroz. // Kate Davis X Goldfish Kiss Jewels

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