Taking a break from the highlight

Taking a break from the highlight reel. 

I’m learning everyday life, the undone hair, lack of makeup, the old tees, the messiness of it all, really is beautiful. Maybe because it’s real. 

I guess I am guilty of being caught in the “highlight reel” mentality at times: thinking people only want to see me at the beach, sunny days, traveling, and looking much more put together than I am. Which is what I guess I wish I was doing 24/7 too. We like to put our best foot/face/hair days/styled looks/locations forward. Which is totally understandable, and human nature. But it can get quite exhausting. 

I’ve gradually opened up more and more on this blog over the years, and the funny thing is the more open and real you are, the more fun it becomes. And terrifying at times too. 

So I say there’s no shame in sharing the everyday from time to time. In fact it can be encouraged. I’ve always thought and said there is beauty in the everyday, and I guess this mini rant is me holding myself accountable to it, and saying it’s ok to not live in paradise. (Although my bedroom wall makes me feel a little closer to “home”…and the pic above is one of my favorite pics I’ve taken in a while.) 

When Peter Lindberg photographed Julianne Moore for this year’s Pirelli calendar, she showed up with wet hair, and no makeup, and he looked at her and said, “You look perfect.” Man I’ve alway loved him as a photographer, after hearing that story, I love him even more, and wish I could get a copy of that calendar. Or shoot with him one day. Preferably with wet hair and no makeup too.

Dream big.

Preach it Peter. 

Embrace the “Peter mentality” and know that even without a hair or makeup artist, while rocking an old tee, and staring at a pile of laundry, you, and your unique beauty, totally makes you calendar worthy.

Or at least gives you reason enough to have a little pep in your step.

And know that it’s ok to dream of tropical places, and get psyched to go to the beach. But know I can totally have a kick ass life on the in between days in sweats and a big ass mug of coffee as well. 

No clue if this made sense but damn, it felt good to write.

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