The 100 ladder


I talk a lot about fitting in a workout at odd hours, or in small places. Well, here is one that has been on heavy rotation the past few months. I mainly do it when I am not feeling creative at all, or want to zone out and watch TV while I bust out a buttload of reps, or just want to figure out a way to still break a good sweat after 8pm in my living room.

Seriously my husband laughs and says, “What are you doing?” when he thinks I’m ready to sit down and relax for the night, but suddenly appear in our living room in my workout gear, grab my 20 lb dumbells and don’t stop moving for 30 minutes. 

Yup. I’m a woman on a mission to move, and get some sort of lift in.

So the workout is above, should you want to give it a shot. If you don’t know what a move is, google it and you’ll find a plethora of entertaining youtube tutorials of future fitness stars.  

Note: The last two moves are totally depending on how amped you’re feeling at eh end. So no worries if a 25 pull up finisher isn’t always part of the deal. Also, I rarely say this, but because of the copious amounts of reps, definitely use light weights for this bad boy. 


Grab some dumbbells (use a lighter weight) and do the following:

100 jumping jacks

100 lunges

100 rdls

100 floor presses (bench press on the floor)

100 bent over rows

100 bicycles

50 mountain climbers

50 goblet squats

50 glute bridges

50 push ups

50 upright rows (can pair with sumo squat)

25 thrusters

25 pull ups (or bent over flys)

Wahooo! Done. 

Enjoy the sweat. And the burn. And how great relaxing on the couch afterwards feels. Or wherever you might chose to plop down and feel fantastic. 

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