I think it’s healthy to crave some things. Especially when it’s a place, a feeling, a climate, or the water.

After spending a day off with my husband, and getting a MUCH needed surf session in, (in Santa Cruz in an über thick wetsuit with booties) it made me snap back to feeling like me, and craving even more time in the water. 

Preferably warm, tropical water. But I’ll take anything. Anytime. 

So here’s a few pics from our last trip back to Hawaii. For some reason this feels like forever ago, and it was only July. I have no clue why I didn’t post them right away. I swear I am a closet picture hoarder.  

But ironically, these pics kind of also made me love today’s frigid, not tropical in any shape or form, no bikinis involved, surf (and beach day in hoodies and beanies.) I guess it reminded me how great the ocean can feel, in any shape or form. And that there’s just something about this big salty body of water, that is so freakishly addicting. And I want to experience being in it in as many different places as possible. Maybe it’s how it makes me feel more beautiful than any makeup ever will. Maybe it’s how small things seem. Maybe it’s all the different shades of blue. Maybe it’s how much it makes me breathe. Or maybe it’s just nature doing it’s thing, aka being one of life’s great therapists.

Whatever it is – nature, saltwater, unplugging, breathing, surfing, all of the above. I’m craving it. 

Big Time.

And I’m convinced it’s a super healthy thing to do.  

Ok yeah, the thought of getting back to Hawaii for a few days is pretty damn appealing too. My bikinis are needing to get dusted off and my wetsuit is going to take a few days to dry out. 

In the mean time…see you again soon Santa Cruz. (One day I’ll get pics surfing there, I just can’t fit my waterproof cam in my wetsuit.)

Photos taken back on Oahu with the Leica X-U I’m demo-ing // Pearl Love bracelets // Issa De mar ‘kini // Kate Davis Necklace // ..and a happy sun smooched me. 

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