Simmer Down Now


I’m sitting on my kitchen, rocking a stylish outfit of yoga pants, a robe and some slippers. The house is a mess, I’ve failed at any domestic duties I needed to do today, and am just now getting started on some work. Yet, I am quite content, feeling great, and in a state of aromatic bliss. 

Simmer pot to the rescue. 

In an effort to make our home feel somewhat festive and cozy today, I decided to venture into the tried and true tradition of making a simmer pot for the following reasons: 

• It makes the home smell cozy and festive.

• It humidifies the air.

• When I have an attention span lapse, I can just go steam my face for a moment.

• It’s super easy to do

• Having good smelling air is like yoga for my nose.

So basically what you do is combine a bunch of ingredients in a pot with some water, bring it to a boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer for as long as you want. Just keep adding water (Or apple cider for extra festive points) when the liquid evaporates.

I used the following (mainly because I had them in the house): 

• 3 cinnamon sticks

• A handful of dried lavender (Thanks mom. She has a bunch in her yard and sends it to me)

• A meyer lemon cut into quarters.

• 1 tbs vanilla

That’s it. Easy peasy. But oh so soothing and festive. 

I might also add that it’s a super great DIY gift. Just throw the ingredients in a mason jar. Put a tag on it that says Simmer Me Down…and voila. A fun festive gift.

Tomorrow, I’m attempting another one. I’ll just throw the following into a crockpot and invite neighbors to come over for no reason other than to see if they ask why our place smells so good: 

• An orange peel 

• Handful of dried rosemary (thanks mom)

• 1 tsp vanilla 

• Cinnamon sticks. Again.

• Some tea tree oil. 

High five for tried and true good ‘ol DIY air fresheners/humidifiers/mood lifters/nose shavasanas. 

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