So, I took this pic when

So, I took this pic when I went on a run last weekend. It was freezing (for Florida) but still was perfect for a long beach run. I parked a little bit further down the road than usual, and just zoned out and went on a loooong run. It was an extra mile down the beach. Or two. Well, it was worth it. 

The storm/swell from the day before washed up so many shells, that I actually had to stop and laugh at times. The tide was just starting to come up after low tide, so there was literally a layer of shells right at the shore with new ones being washed in. When a wave rolled, in all you’d hear was the soft whooosh paired with the clinking of shells. This might be one of the more stress relieving sounds I’ve heard. Pair that with a beach run, and yes it was a scrumptious 45 minutes. 

Which had me thinking. 

Go the extra mile. There’s always more shells. (Read into that as metaphorically as you’d like)

…and always remember to wear something that has big pockets. Which I failed to do.

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