Neon and Natural

When it comes to makeup, it’s pretty much natural and dewy or bust for me. When it comes to nails, it’s neon, crazy, mismatched, tropical, or basically the complete opposite. So, I figured I’d document the juxtaposition.

Nails: I also figured I’d show how easy leopard print nail art is – Background color, dots, scribbles around the dots, topcoat…done. The colors you use are totally up to you. (I say go bold, baby.) Also if it wasn’t super quick and easy I wouldn’t bother with my fingernails since I usually pick any nail polish off of those suckers in a 24 – 48-hour timeframe.

Makeup: I was sent a bunch of products by Ilia beauty to try, and let’s just say I immediately became hooked. It all just kind of enhances and compliments things. Think, natural hues with subtle pops of color, and no toxic gunk so I don’t feel bad slathering layers of it on my face to achieve the aforementioned dewy effect.

Also, if anyone’s on the lookout for a stellar highlighter, Maya Chia’s highlight of the day illuminating serum is insane. It’s ridiculously lightweight and makes my skin look ooohhhh soooo luminous. I got mine from my new go-to all things beauty shop, Follain.

Then there’s the eyeshadow, it’s by Eye of Horus (another clean makeup line) and is pretty much the only eye shadow I really wear. When I take time to put actually out on eyeshadow.

So there’s a little natural beauty lineup pic there too.

Hair: Flat iron waves, dirty, salty hair and tons of dry shampoo. Tons.

Now, if I can one day figure out how to document these looks without feeling incredibly awkward. I shall work on it.


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