New Year. New Mood.

New year. A new mood board. Ok, it’s also a new kind of mood, too. Zero expectations, an intensified attitude of gratitude, and inspiration to just…be. Be filled with joy, be present, and be me. Yup, sounds good.

Ok, I did make three goals, but I’d make these any day of the year. So, might as well make them now, too.

1: Read more books – Fiction, pre covid, and social media/technology taking over days preferred.

2: Speaking of technology, be on Instagram less. That sucker is such a productivity, time, and confidence sponge.

3: Sketch – Grab a pencil and sketchbook then just draw each day – pictures, portraits, words, poems, oh I’m excited just thinking about it.

4: Dream. Get more sleep, so I can actually have dreams, but also keep on dreaming, and figuring them out, too.

OK, that’s it, for now.

Hope you like the mood board, I love creating these things.

Cheers to a new year. I’m not going to say much about it, or the last year, since I think deflated yet inspired sums it up rather nicely. It makes zero sense, which I guess makes perfect sense.

*Found all the pictures online and slapped them together in photoshop. None are mine.

More mood boards (usually pared with some deep thoughts) aqui. 


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