Soak it up

It’s that time of year when a sunny, not a cloud in the bright blue sky, kind of day is as common as seeing a unicorn at a coffee shop. So, naturally, I had to soak it up and basically pet that mythically beauty of a day with my caffeinated soul.

Bright orange sweats were too fun paired with that sky. And the Duck Photobomb made me chuckle.

Also, My feet are always cold this time of year, and the boots are basically wearable plaid bear hugs. *I got them for Christmas from My older brother who said he had no clue why anyone would ever like such boots… then said, oh yeah, you’d love them. Well, I think the only day I haven’t worn them since Christmas was because it was a total deluge outside.

That’s it for now. Nothing profound or groundbreaking. Sorry. Well, Except for a friendly reminder that if there’s a rare, out of the ordinary weather day wherever you are, get out and soak it up.


Pictured: The North Face Thermoball Boots, Suzie Kondie Harem sweats, and a Volcolm sweatshirt that is six years old, and is probably the most worn item of clothing I own.


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