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A week or so ago, my mom flew out, forced me to focus, and we accomplished a miracle. We simplified and organized my office (which was a disaster) and made it onto a ¼ office and a ¾ cozy yet simple (and a little beachy) little nursery. Yup. One small space. Two rooms. 

Aka the Nurseroffice. 

I am not an interior designer, and my husband and I are renting (Aka it’s hard to put a lot of money into anything, especially when you don’t know how long you will be living there). So I am not expecting this to be on a lot of pinterest inspiration boards, but…I think it’s pretty darn impressive. And hopefully might inspire someone out there who might be living in a 2br place, work from home and have a little coconut on the way too.

…And I got a bunch of requests for a post on what I was doing for a nursery, so here you go.

First off, it’s really hard to get a big wide angle shot of the space with my camera lens, so hopefully these pics give you an idea. I was literally standing inside of my closet to get the crib pics. But hopefully anyone out there without a ton of square footage can sympathize. Taking pics of interiors is a lot harder than pics of a beach. 

Ok, now onto what we did. 

• Bought a crib and crib mattress. At Ikea. Ikea rocks. 

• We repurposed some office stuff into baby stuff, (the blue sliding organizer now holds diapers, blankets and clothes instead of my painting and work stuff)

• Bought a basket for toys and books and big white laundry basket (that’s not pictured but it’s in the corner by the window, next to my surfboard.) 

• Found a rug. I wanted something cool and affordable. Urban outfitters to the rescue. Their rug selection is unreal, and prices are amazing. 

• Bought a rocking chair on amazon (that’s also just a really cool chair I’d want anywhere in our home), put a baby blanket my friend made on it, then wrapped a pillow in an old tee shirt I love. Voila. Cozy rocking chair setup. 

• Finally did this DIY wall art for the accent wall behind the crib. I’ve been admiring this idea, and wanting to do it for about, umm…a year now. Procrastination, or perfect timing? I think perfect timing. 

• Then what to put above the crib? I couldn’t decide between a big picture, a quote, or some rad print. Then the art store down the street had a sale and I found out I could buy a gynormous canvas for $50. So, I just bought a big ‘ol blank canvas and quickly painted on the little kiddo to be’s nickname, L’il coconut. It’s a work in progress. I want to paint in some palm fronds in the letters and maybe add in a watercolor wash, but so far so good. And it makes me smile. And hope the little guy/gal doesn’t inherit my horrible penmanship.

• We didn’t buy a changing table. Just the mat which I can use anywhere, or on my desk…

…Which brings us to the office.

• My office is now basically a big ‘ol white table, with floating shelves that have some sentimental and fun stuff above it, then baskets full of my shops inventory, and and a filing cabinet with my art supplies, etc. underneath it.  

• I also like to keep my bracelet collection “organized” on wine bottles. That’s on my desk too. And I think I need to add another bottle to the mix. 

• And my wall is just filled with some fun stuff: a print from a friend, some photo canvases, inspirational stuff, and of course, my mask and fins. They remind me of Hawaii and warm water. I need to add more stuff to this wall. But, I also hung the little kiddo’s bath robe on there, since it’s pretty stinking cute. 

So there you go. 

All we needed was a few days of focused sorting and organizing, a few key purchases, amazon prime, and a very patient mom dealing with a very ADD and hormonal me. 

Fun times. 

Actually, I am sitting at my desk right now as I write this. I just looked at the crib, and how this room somehow all came together and can’t help but smile and think of a few things:

Miracles can happen.

I want to work on the painting some more.

I wonder if it’s going to be a boy or a girl.

I am so glad there is a surfboard in this room.

I miss Hawaii. 

We really did a good job. 

Can I go into labor now?  

Thanks a million mom. 




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