Ohh Oahu I missed you

Let me simply start by saying say how thankful I am for frequent flier miles. They made this last trip of the summer happen, and it was a special one. My little dude and I went back to Oahu. This has been the longest we’ve been away since I moved away however many years ago it was, and ohhhh it just felt so good to be back.

We stayed at a dear friend’s place, ate Poke bowls from Foodland, had zero plans yet made the most of each day, I picked plumerias whenever I walked by some, and although it was a quick four days, my soul was filled with the sand sun and saltwater I adore.

Levi’s also turning into a fish and it was sweet being able to swim and dive in the ocean with him. Nonstop.

My goal is always to avoid crowds and traffic as much as possible too. Somehow that happened.

We did stay our last night in Waikiki, mainly so I could take Levi out surfing (No pics or documentation, but ’twas a mental pic jackpot.) The crowds made me immediately tense up and miss staying at my friend’s place, but dinner at Momosan Waikiki, a big comfy hotel bed, ABC stores, and taking Levi surfing was worth it. Definitely go to Momosan and get any kind of ramen on the menu with a frozen Kirin. That meal was a memorable and beyond delicious one. If

So was the trip. There’s something about traveling with my little dude to places I love that’s worth every single penny.

…or frequent flier mile.

Deets: Didn’t take any outfit pics because I pretty much just wore a pareo or my old Acacia beach overalls the entire time. But the LBB I’m rocking is by Bromelia Swimwear , and the l’il neoprene and crochet suit is by Kiini.  I found the shell hair clip in the 99cent bin at Long’s,  always wearing too many bracelets and necklaces to link everything, and I lost those sunnies when I was paddleboarding in Kaneohe bay and forgot the brand. Whoops. 



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