Ok Minnesota. I’m liking all the

Ok Minnesota. I’m liking all the floral surprises you’ve given me ever since it stopped snowing. First it was peonies, and now lilies are everywhere. We’re talking the big juicy bright and fragrant kind that usually cost a ton when you buy from a florist. 

I didn’t want our neighbors to think I was even crazier than they already think I am. So I refrained from picking some from their yards as I walked by, and decided to help out the green keepers at the golf course by our house instead. 

Let’s just say I have a nice bouquet on my bedside table right now. 

I also think they vaguely resemble a Hibiscus, so I had to throw on some sunnies and put a big ‘ol one behind my ear for a few quick pics too. 

Yes. Things like this make me quite content. 

New sunnies via Raen // Big Orangish Yellow Lily via the Golf Course by my house. I should ask the green keepers if they know exactly what kind this is. Might need to plant some. 

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