The wide open spaces Craving


You know that famous Dixie Chicks song, Wide Open Spaces…She needs wide open spaces, Room to make her big mistakes, She needs new faces, She knows the high stakes. Well I might be listening to it right now. Not necessarily because they are talking about me, but because I’ve realized that I have an incessant craving for wide open spaces.  

I guess it’s me continually trying to figure out these changes in life and why I feel so off lately. And also figuring out what helps set things straight. The answer? Being somewhere where I can see forever. Or at least feel like I can. That’s what I love so much about the beach- walking out to a blue expanse and wondering where the next body of land is. That’s why I love being in the ocean – swimming or paddling around in the big blue. That’s why I love my parent’s back yard in Colorado so much – there’s nothing in front of your view of the mountains (that are about 8 miles in the distance), except for a few ranches and horses. That’s why hiking is as much cardio as it is a mental breath of fresh air for me – It’s a big change in elevation powered by your own two feet where the reward is being able to see however far your vision permits.

There’s just something therapeutic about…nothing around you. For me it’s an instant anxiety eraser, mood lifter, and brain igniter. I definitely recommend testing it out as much as possible.

Ok to clarify. I am just not a city girl. The thought of living somewhere like NYC makes my palms sweat. Yup they just started sweating a little. If I had my way I’d live somewhere so remote I could only make a few outings a week to get groceries, even if I forgot whatever was on my list once I got back home. Or Necker Island – Richard Branson’s setup. Oh my, that would be Heaven. I guess it is that I’m a bit of a loner, super independent, love my quiet, and think best when I’m surrounded by things that aren’t man made. Preferably with only a few humans in sight.

Most living situations are setup with little to no space. My current one, and past ones included. I mean land = money, and lets face it, open space is a luxury. Millionaires can scoop it up, the rest of us have to seek it out. Or get lucky. Or find that aforementioned home in a remote location, and telecommute or else you’d spend your entire life driving to and from work.

It’s not that I’m anti social, it’s just what wide open spaces give my soul some elbow room. They give my mind an ability to roam, make me feel small, put things into perspective, are a feast for my eyes, and quite frankly get me really really excited about life at that moment. I’m pretty sure I breathe better too. 

It’s turning into one of the more powerful cravings I have to deal with. More than coffee. And I think it’s also one of the healthiest things I can crave too. Even though when I don’t get my wide opens space fix, I turn into a cranky, sweaty palmed moody nut job. It forces me to get out and about, explore, travel more, fall in love with nature and the environment on a daily basis, and seek out some sort of elevation change, place where the air roams freely, and the world seems to take a breath of fresh air along with me. Some days it’s a quick drive to find some space, some days it’s finding a hill when I’m out on a walk with my son and my pup so I can get some sense of a view or environment. Other days it’s getting really really excited to travel somewhere with more sand than concrete, more water than lightbulbs, or more mountains than highways.

So I’m pretty convinced that if you’re like me, and are ever feeling like a weird version yourself, just off, or claustrophobic, it might just be your psyche begging for a vast expanse of some sort. How you can cure it is up to you. Maybe it’s something you can do that day, or maybe it’s just a clue that your surroundings need a change of pace.

Aka a big hefty dose of wide open space.

Who knows if any of that made any sense. but to clarify, this little, yet oh so profound quote I’ve grown to love totally nails it: “The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.” ~Author Unknown

Yup. That pretty much sums up my craving. Well said anonymous author. Well said.

Off to get out and find some space now, and maybe listen to that Dixie Chicks song again.


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