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Would you wear a bikini to work if you could? Or…maybe your bikini drawer has a higher net worth than the car you drive? Or better yet, can your tan lines pass off as a bright white bikini from a distance? Well, if this sounds like you, good news, Ola Feroz and I are on the hunt for The Ultimate Bikini Addict, and we want to give such aforementioned addicts a chance to win a one-of-a-kind Ola Feroz creation, hand-made by Jessica Garcia and co-designed by…moi. 

Now, here’s how to enter: 

1: Create a 1 minute video creatively explaining why you are the Ultimate Bikini Addict. 

• Put on your creativity caps people. Make an original video, and let us know whatever it is that makes you the ultimate bikini addict. 

• You do not have to be wearing a bikini in the video if you aren’t comfortable. (Trust me, I know how nerve wrecking posting something on the internet of yourself in swimwear can be.)

2: Post your video onto the Ola Feroz Swimwear’s Facebook Fan Page and be sure to tag Goldfish Kiss.

• You must be Facebook fans of both Ola Feroz Swimwear and Goldfish Kiss in order to participate.

• If you have trouble posting. Feel free to post a video on youtube and then post the link on Ola Feroz facebook page.

• This is the ONLY way we will be able to see and judge your entries.

The contest will run from June 18st – June 29th and there will be not one, but TWO winners: One winner chosen by Ola Feroz and one winner chosen by…moi. The winners will be announced on our facebook pages on Saturday, June 29th.

So, what’s up for grabs/worth all of this fuss….

Winners will receive a one-of-a-kind Braided Chica Top and Braided Hermosa Bottom (my favorite Ola style) in either Neon Coral that reverses to Sahara, or Lima that reverses to Capri. These bikinis were hand-made by Jessica, and co-designed by yours truly…especially for this contest. Too rad, I know.

Here are the specs on the bikinis from Jess (she is the expert, I tend to just say…looks amazing, fits like a glove, I want my wardrobe to be in this color, etc.)

The Braided Chica Top features three braided straps across the chest that flawlessly synch your cleavage together in a way that adds the perfect “peek-a-boo” effect. The darting detail at each cup along with the braided strings that tie around your neck and back make for an unbelievably body-friendly pick-up and lift. These braided strings feature dainty tassels at each end that give this bikini yet another fun and flirty feature.  If your jaw isn’t on the floor just yet, the Braided Chica Top is also completely seamless, allowing you to have the option of wearing it on the reversed side. 

The Braided Hermosa Bottom features two braided “peek-a-boo” straps that wrap around each side of your hips. It’s perfect for staying in place when surfing or turning heads at the beach, while still maintaining a flattering and classic fit that shows off just the right amount of cheekiness. Just like the Braided Chica Top, it is seamless, comfy enough to sleep in, and completely reversible.

So yeah. These suits rock, the colors are even more amazing in person, and I highly suggest you go ahead and enter. 

High five.

Ready, set, go…

Necklaces by Tidepool Love + Kate Davis

CONGRATS TO OUR WINNERS! Morgan Flemming and Casey Ward Bretas… AWESOME videos 🙂 

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