On the move. Again.

Well, we are moving. Again. Back to Seattle. Again. I wanted to wait and write about it until I was literally on the road, but it’s consuming my thoughts, so I just need to write some of them down.

First off, Why do we move so much? Easy answer. My husband’s job. He had a great opportunity, and I’m pretty pumped for him. And well, every move we make is a chance for me to grow and change this thing. So hey, let’s do this. Plus nothing inspires bright and colorful tropical art than weeks of gray Seattle days.

The irony of it all is we had a heartwrenching move from Hawaii to Seattle about five years ago. Or was it six? I’m losing count. Now we are leaving idyllic Emerald Coast beaches for the Pacific North West yet again.

I’m trying to make sense of what’s going on in my head. I’m kind of just feeling numb about it all. Maybe as a defense mechanism. Yup, that’s it for sure. A big old 24-hour ugly cry is inevitable. So far it’s just been random fifteen second sputters of tears and sobbing or random throat choking ups when certain songs come on Spotify. (Damn you Kaleo.)

I know things will all work out, everything will be alright, and I love the region we are moving to. There’s so much to do, and it’s absolutely stunning. Just a different kind. So things will take time. And I’m going to let those seconds tick. I’m an optimist and a positive person, but I also don’t think it’s healthy to just smile and say things are great. I do think it’s totally normal that I’m sticking lots of seashells in pockets of my coats and bags so I’ll find lots of souvenirs.

Moving is emotional for me. And mine are kind of all over the place

Excited: because I mean I’m always up for an adventure.

Sad: because the beaches here speak my love language. Especially when raising my l’il dude.

Glad: that for some reason I never ever gave away the white rain boots I bought when we lived in Seattle before (and haven’t worn since.)

Frustrated: because we just bought a really cool house with all white walls and floors, and it’s back to beige rentals with horrible light fixtures (Ok I’ve seen some cool rentals but none seem to allow dogs over 5 lbs)

A little angry: Just because sometimes it feels good to get mad for a little.

Thankful: Because where we live has a large military population (Ironically we aren’t military, we just move a lot) and because of that, I’ve met some totally badass Military wives who have moved all over the globe, and twice as much as we have, which causes my pity parties to vanish. Always grateful for meeting rad new friends.

Mixed feelings: Because the 42-hour road trip we’ll have to get up there isn’t short. Especially Texas. With a 3-year-old and a pup. Thankfully my mom will do it with me, which means about five seconds of silence the whole trip. Idaho and Montana should be cool though.

Filled with joy: because…this is my life. and it’s too short to not find joy in any situation. Snowboarding, seaplanes, houseboats, hiking, and the PNW coastline bring me lots and lots of joy. So does excuses to buy new clothes. Guilty as charged.

Feelings = All over the place.

I just manage to get emotionally attached to each place we live, and once I know we will be leaving, my mind starts to look for things I’ll miss…sometimes it’s a weekly ritual (half mon bay when we lived in the Bay Area), a breakfast spot (Minnesota), kick-ass friends and neighbors (LA), Seaplanes ( Seattle) or every single thing I can think of ( Hawaii).

So, Navarre/Pensacola Beach Florida, I’m going to miss my early morning beach runs, the summer storms on the gulf, lightning shows, watching schools of rays surfing the waves, Southern Hospitality, the shells, the sand, the water…and all my beach days with Levi.

Now, we will enjoy these next few weeks, and then see what Seattle has up its sleeve.

Should be fun.

Especially the direct flights back to Hawaii.


Pictured: Sandy jeans. I took this on our last beach day here as a family. It just pulls on the heartstrings…for various reasons.

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  • I have all the feelings for you, we’ve never met, but I feel like we’d be best friends if we did, a LOT alike…. and we’re practically neighbors.. I will miss seeing the beautiful pics of the emerald coast, the beaches I grew up going to and still do, but seeing pics regularly was pretty nice. Excited to see Seattle/ pacific coast since I’ve never been there and through your eyes should be especially beautiful. Alllll the prayers for you and your family on your new adventure and I hope they bring you back to beautiful FL one day! PS if you need someone to give all your beach clothes to once you go shopping for Seattle I’ll gladly take them off your hands 😜💛💙🤙🏼

  • Oh my dear, you’re such a trooper. Luckily the PNW forests and mountains are so scenic. Can’t wait to see the pictures you take there!

  • Seattle is an awesome city. Can you say COFFEEE! Following you it seems you love Hawaii and it is a hop skip and a jump over the big pacific pool to paradise. Adventures make you worldly and more interesting plus when you are ready to totally settle down you will know where you want that to be. Congratulations 🙂

  • I think we might have met once at Shipwrecks on Kauai in 2013… I too am moving wherever my husbands service calls. We are here in the PNW for the moment. I’m not sure what branch your husbands in, but the beaches though cold are beautifully scenic! Aloha & happy moving!

  • Breathe, it is all in perfect timing. Trust that, I love Seattle, just a direct flight from Hawaii, which is awesome. I’m on Kauai, there are direct flights here, I believe through Alaska Air. Take care and enjoy the ride❤️

    • I was just looking up flights…Amazing options 🙂 It’s all good and I agree, looking back it will all make sense/be perfect timing. PLus, We will be back on Kauai in a few weeks too. before the move. Can’t WAIT!

  • There is one good thing. You are moving closer to me. You can come visit and see me and hang out by the pool. Our family is here for you.

  • The East Coast will miss you, but we all know you always manage to make everywhere you live amazing. Enjoy that cross-country drive, so many people dream of something like that!

  • Aw, Rebekah, I am sure it is tough to get excited to move again. But, I am also fairly sure you’ll make the best of it, as you always do. You’re teaching Levi about being resilient and adventurous. And exploring some of the most beautiful parts of the country! Enjoy your time in FL and enjoy your trip up to Seattle. Looking forward to seeing what life brings you there as well. Hugs to you all.

  • So, I really appreciate you sharing your move with us. After 20 years of living in Wilmington, NC, I moved to Florida. Leaving my house, friends, and everything that I knew was so hard. I have been here now for little over a week. Staying with my friend who talked me into coming here. Change is really hard. I know you will miss this place. I had to leave my family home where I had raised my son. He lives in Palm Coast, Florida now. He is 22 years old. So, now I am hoping to see him more. My heart goes out to you and your family. It will be a new Journey full of excitement. Knowing your spirit , you will find joy and new adventures in Seattle. Thanks, for always inspiring me and good luck with everything. I believe everything happens for a reason.

  • I was going to say the silver lining might be the really easy and often inexpensive direct flights from SEA to any of the islands, but you sort of covered it in your last line! I hope you get to take advantage!
    Fingers crossed for you!

  • Welcome back to Seattle from a reader who has lived here since ‘92. Sometimes the hardest part of moving is losing the communities you build in each place. One of the best places we have found community here in Seattle is through the co-op preschools. As a mom with a flex work schedule my son and I were able to spend five years doing co-op with families and parents who think like we do, like to get muddy, make art, and learn through play. If that’s interesting to you I encourage you to check out woodland park cooperative in the Fremont area. Teacher Tom and teacher Rachael are the best! And on your parent day in the classroom you could teach the kids how to decorate shells 🙂
    Good luck with the move. And if you’d ever like to get coffee once you’re here, please reach out.

    • Thanks so much Amy! That co-op looks amazing and is right up my alley! (Let them be kids/play/get dirty) …and I’m excited for all the great Seattle coffee shops. Yay coffee dates!

  • Sending love and best wishes for the next chapter of your life. Your life will always be exciting with your beautiful family, no matter where you may roam. #wheretheheartis #whereLeviis

  • Just re-read this post and it’s giving me all the feels! I am going through something very similar, and feel like I’m leaving a little piece of myself as I move away from the sea. But, I’m staying positive and excited for new adventures – thank you for inspiring me to do that! You are a constant beem of positivity in my IG feed, the best description I have is that you remind me of a Jack Johnson song – colorful, creative and calming. Can’t wait to follow along on your new adventures in Seattle! xx