Orchid Toes


Yes temperatures are dropping, which means it’s boots and sneaker, and don’t show off your toes season. Not so much in my world. Seeing that I still go barefoot and wear sandals regardless of location, there’s always an excuse for some tropical foliage inspired toes. 

And maybe even an accent nail. 

I’m crazy like that. 

Since I’m all about orchids lately…orchids it was. Here’s how to get ’em. 

Paint toes a dark navy polish

• Using a nail art brush, paint the white orchid petals. Think of it as one big wide droopy triangle in the middle, with two skinny petals extending on each side of it, and an open space in the middle.

• Then, speaking of that open space in the middle, grab some peach polish and paint a little strip to fill it in. 

• Now grab a ball point pen and some pale pink polish, dip the pen in a blob of polish and then add a few little dots on the peach strip.

• Voila. This could officially pass as an orchid. Feel free to stop there.

• Or Grab a super fine tip black marker and paint little dots in peach/pink strip , and lines to d”divide” the petals.

• Wait to dry then top with a glossy top coat.

• Done. You can now check “paint cool orchid print toes” off of your bucket list.

Hopefully those instructions made sense. One day I’ll get my act in gear and do a tutorial video. But that would require planning and stuff. Which I am not capable of doing when the urge to paint my nails arises. 

Yeah nail art. And yeah Julep and Zoya, because all polish I used is by them. 

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