As much as I like apples

As much as I like apples, it’s a walk on the beach that’s keeping the doctor, and all my worries, away. 

It’s true. 

A walk on the beach, around the block (with my pup), a hike, or just getting outside an using your my own two feet as my mode of transportation is one of the first things I do when I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or can’t focus. And yes, it always works like a charm. Even if it’s only for a few minutes of bliss. I think it’s because it’s simple, it clears my mind, it’s quality uninterrupted time to think, unplug, get my body moving (which is such a necessity) and really, it’s just so darn relaxing. 

Especially when all you see is sand and blue, all you hear are waves, and all you feel is the salt, sand and H2O. 

Bonus happiness points if you happen to find some shells or something cool along the way.

Yes. something as easy as a walk is even more proof that getting back to simple things is what we all need the most. 

Or at least I do. 

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