My oh so very very happy

My oh so very very happy place. And oh so relaxing hobby.

If there’s one sport that’s close to my heart, it’s stand up paddleboarding. It relaxes me, is soothing, is like taking an early morning walk on water, helped me get back in the water regularly after I moved away from Hawaii, is a great time to be quiet, and is just really peaceful. Unless it’s super windy.

I love how it gets people on the water who are, or have been landlocked, gets people who are scared of the water somewhat in the water, and is something you can now do all over the globe. Iowa to Germany. Tahoe to Texas. Colorado to Moorea. 

Plus, it’s a good workout. So there’s my fitness tie-in to this post. Although I do it more for mental health than anything.

When it comes to actual surfing, regular surfing is still, and will always be my number one. But paddleboarding, you had me at ‘SUP.

Another SWELLivin post for Because I HAD to share this pic here too. 

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