Pictures by Levi

A perk of owning a waterproof camera is giving my 3.5-year-old son a chance to use it and investigate photography a bit. Hey, clear water or some sand, it’s an easy drop (if it happens). What’s the worst that can happen. He develops an eye for photography and has a fun hobby at a young age? Hand the kiddo the cam.

Let’s say I’m pretty impressed. I love that he likes taking pictures of nature, his surroundings, and it’s just interesting to see what piques his interest. Ok, it’s cool being able to kind of see me through his eyes…through the lens too.

So, it is my honor to present to you the first post created on here by Levi. (Pics by Levi, edited by me.)

This shall be the start of a fun new series.

Pics From:

• Waikiki – I have a mental pic of him standing in waist-deep water just snapping away with people swimming or on boards/floaties behind him.

• The Tidepools in Santa Teresa Beach. Gotta love the bootie pillow one.

Lub Dub.



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