Bum and Core day

So most of my workouts are of the total body variety. Mainly because I just like to work my entire body, I get in the zone and just start doping random stuff,  or if I just train arms, my legs get jealous, or vice versa. But today I attempted to just work my butt and abs, because well, it’s good to switch things up. Turned out to be a great workout that went by quickly…and we will see if I am sore tomorrow.

The home gym setup is getting to be pretty much the equivalent of a gym gym setup at home in our garage (if my husband is reading this, thank you. I owe you a big sweaty hug.) So sorry, this workout isn’t really the do-anywhere bodyweight type. BUT (pun intended) it will give you an idea of a good bum and core workout that isn’t a crazy amount of reps and doesn’t take to long. (This took 40 minutes total).

Enough blabbing. Here’s the workout.

Click on the (hopefullly quick and entertaining) youtube video links for instructions on how to do each move.

Bum and Core Day.

Warm up = Ride the airdyne bike for 5 minutes.

Core Circuit: (Do the below circuit 3 times)

10 med ball slams (this double as stress management)

10 Spiderman push-ups (5 each side)

20 Med ball toe touches

10 side plank hip raises (each side)

5 barbell rollouts (can also use an ab wheel if you have one)

Leg Circuit (Do the below circuit 3-4 times with as much rest as you need in between exercises and rounds)

10 Barbell hip thrusts (slow and squeeze at the top. Trust me. More in-depth tips here)

8 Rear foot elevated split squats ( aka my all-time favorite squat/glue exercise)

10 Kettlebell Swings ( form tips here)

10 Goblet squats (Can use Kettlebell or Dumbell)

10 Lateral band walks ( each side – Also this guy in the video is THE Glute Guru.)

Then…just because my arms were feeling neglected and I can’t stick to a routine.

• 25 pull-ups – Slow and controlled in as few sets as possible.

• Stretch, drink water, have a shake. and slap yourself on the butt.

Feels good to workout. Whatever body part you might try and focus on.


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