Piña Tropi Toes

Ok. I was just going to paint a few simple pineapples on my toes, then I got a little carried away. The pineapples looked boring, so they needed flowers, then the empty spaces needed flowers, then there needed to be some leaves and dots. So, when all was said and done, and dried, I ended up with some little piña tropical print toes. 

It happens. They’re pretty darn cute, and were worth the back ache that occurred for five minutes after I finished painting them ( Note: In order to paint my toes like this, I have to sit in this weird hunched over position that vaguely resembles some sort of yoga pose. Hence why it’s hard to do a tutorial video.)

So figured I’d quickly explain a how to try and replicate them. 

• Paint toes with a base coat, then a light dusty pink (I used Abbey by Julep. It’s one of my favorite pinks.)

• Paint pineapples: to do this, use a small dotting tool and paint a bunch of dots in an oval cluster. Then use a nail art brush and paint some brush strokes coming out the top. Pineapples are fun/easy this way.

• Paint flowers on top of pineapples: To do this, grab a dotting tool and paint five little dots in a circle, then do one single dot in the middle in a different color. Put these flowers right at the top of the pineapple where the leaves start.

• Paint more flowers in the empty space: Keep that dotting tool handy and paint a few flowers in the empty spaces in some fun neutral colors. I like to just have these be half flowers around the edges of the nail. 

• Paint a few little dots and leaves to add some dimension. This is totally optional but was a nice finishing touch. 

• Let polish dry for a bit then seal it all in with a glossy top coat.

..feel free to go cut up some pineapple, chow down, and admire your toes. Or just go barefoot everywhere for a week.


Also, here’s a few tips and answers to frequently asked questions I get about ma piggies:

When painting, I put little blobs of the color I am using on an old clothes hang tag or piece of plastic or cardboard. So it’s like my mini little nail polish paint palette. The polish dries quickly soI have to keep adding more to the blob as it dries/gets sticky/hard to paint with.

I also have nail polish remover nearby to keep my nail art brush clean and free from getting all globbed up with dry polish.

It’s taken me YEARS and lots of practice, so don’t get frustrated. I say start simple then gradually add more. Example: here’s my first ever nail art post on the blog. I was so proud of being able to do some polka dots. And still am.

Fun times, Fun toes. 

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Tools: Winstonia Nail art kit // Nail Polish by ZoyaJulep and CND

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