Lucky We Live Hawaii X Goldfish Kiss


Well, this has been in the works for a year…or two. Yes, we took our time, and yes we’re pretty pumped. My pal Ashley of Lucky We Live Hawaii and I made some tees together. And well, it was worth the wait.

If I remember correctly, the idea came up one day when I was back on Kauai and we were surfing together. It was a small afternoon, so we were talking while waiting for waves, and decided we needed to collaborate on a tee or something sometime. We just didn’t know exactly what it would be. We’re both graphic designers and surfers (Ashley totally rips by the way. Longboard, short board, or bodysurfing. She even shapes boards. She’s awesome.) we knew we could think of something cool. It had to be something simple but have a little bit of Ash, a little bit of Bek, and a lot of Hawaii.

So here’s what we came up with. It’s a pocket tee. It’s rad. And of course I’m biased. The front has my little “If found, please return to Hawaii” and Ashley’s cool retro palm design is on the back. It’s available in white + red, or an army green-ish grey + black. Most important detail: you can get ‘em aqui.

I think we might be onto something here… and I can’t wait to get back to Kauai for another fun surf/tee brainstorming session with Ashley again soon.

Two fun gals had a salty brain storm session, and two years later we’ve got some fun tees.

High five Ashley. Lucky We Live (You live, I lived) Hawaii. Lucky I work with you.

Lucky We Live Hawaii X Goldfish Kiss If Found Please Return To Hawaii Tee – at  

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