This post might make you dizzy

This post might make you dizzy or smile. Either way, Levi beach gifs give me permagrin, are a little unfiltered glimpse into our life, and each of these has a little story behind it…

Left to right, top to bottom.

Toes on the nose. On the sand. For like 30 minutes straight.

1, 2, 3, swing. (Aka the only way we were able to get a family pic)

This is what happens when we sneak Kili on the beach for a swim: Levi goes in instead. 

Sunset splashin’ strolls. 

Beach hair, sandy kisses and light leaks. 

Levi “surfing” (This is part of the only video I got from his inaugural paddle before my memory card was full. )

If you do pushups and Levi is nearby, this will happen. He’s 38 lbs. They are not easy, but they are definitely fun. 

Running to the beach to catch a sunset. 

…and there are many many more, but I had to stop. And I swear my phone is going to give me that dreaded storage is full message any day now.

La vie est belle. And pretty amusing when animated too. 

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