Today was one of those “Holy

Today was one of those “Holy cow I’m tired, I can’t think, and feel off” kind of days. Which makes me want to curl up in a ball and binge watch This Is Us, but in reality meant I really really needed to suck it, up, and figure out a way to move that required little to no brain power. 

Voila…c’est what I did. It worked like a charm, took about 25 minutes, and I was feeling so good I even got around to writing about it.

So, if you don’t want to workout, but know you should, and have little to no creativity, no worries I’ve got you covered.

Do the following with as little to rest as possible. Warning, the squat jumps are a total beeyotch. 

• 100 walking lunges – go low and slow

• 100 speed skaters, 

• 100 wide squat jumping jacks – think lumping jacks but the wide part you jump out to a sumo squat

• 100 squat jumps – these will burn. 

…now do 75 of each of those

…then do 50 of each

…and finally do 25 of each

• Then, because you are officially awake, sweaty and feeling fantastic, do 50 push ups, 50 old school sit ups, and 50 wide mountain climbers (each side).

Grab a glass of water, smile, stretch, and contemplate just having a single espresso shot instead of the quadruple you were craving 25 minutes ago.

Cheers to moving, sweating and waking our minds and bodies up.

More workout/health posts aqui.

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