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Oh pinterest, you still baffle me. I miss the gool ‘ol days back when I actually saw things from people I followed. But still, amongst all the sponsored and suggested chaos …there are some gems. 

And let’s face it, I’ll always be an avid user, since it keeps my desktop from looking like a massive collage of unorganized inspirational images. And don’t get me started on all the cookie recipes. That I have yet to make…

Ok, enough rambling. Here’s some rad pins. 

Images above, Top to bottom:

Yes. Fall foliage can be tropical. I’m quite frond of it actually. 

A vintage photo that makes my heart melt. Or swim. Edward Clark – Los Angeles 1954 baby apnea

Whenever anyone asks what my dream car is, I shall show them this pic. Orange or navy. I’d take either. 

A bunch of French phrases, tat are just so damn beautiful. One might be a future tattoo…

One of Lina Saber’s delectable, gorgeously beautiful juicy and healthy creations.

Could someone please insert just my husband and I here for a day or two. It would be heaven on Earth for so many reasons. Thanks. 

Yup. John Lennon was a great writer. If only he knew how pertinent this quote would be nowadays too…

and finally.

Perfection in a dress by Spell Byron Bay. Now where to find it….

Oh yeah, here’s a great cookie recipe too. If someone wants to make me a batch of these and send them to me. I’ll ship you a bikini… 

*None of these images are mine. They are all from my pinterest. Please click on the links above to find the image source or pin.

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