There was a big swell last

There was a big swell last week, and well, it kind of changed the entire dynamic of parts of the beach where I take Kili for her beach runs. In certain areas, sand was replaced with heaps and heaps of pulverized shells, rocks, and sea glass. Lots of it. I’m talking bright blue, light blue, green, turquoise, and almost clear. Pic your flavor.

It was a cold, foggy, drizzly morning too. Which, for some reason, was just the perfect weather for my mood, and also made the sea glass totally pop/stand out. 

I stopped after collecting a big handful, and probably could’ve filled up my other hand, but I needed it to hold Kili’s tennis ball. (Note to self. Wear pants with pockets when going to beach after big swell.)

I ended up leaving it all in a cute little pile right by the trail that we take back up the cliffs. Maybe someone will find it, and it will make them smile. Maybe it’ll get washed back into the ocean, and keep on getting shaped and sanded some more.

Either way, it was such an unexpected, yet long overdue, beach combing session.

…and reminder of how beautiful broken can be.

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