RX Bikini Bod: Pull ups

As unfortunate as it might sound, the hardest exercises are 99.7% of the time, the best ones for you. Such is the case of the dreaded pull up. They are hard, and hardly anyone can do them. Enough said.

But with that challenge comes some of the greatest rewards. Toned arms ( a’ la Cameron Diaz pictured above), a great core exercise, a sculpted back, and knowing that if you are dangling out of a helicopter or off a cliff, you don’t need a hero to rescue you, but can simply hoist yourself to safety.

Please don’t buy this product in hopes of getting the arms of your dreams, just start making yourself do some pull ups. Start with trying to do 1 or 2, set a goal of a number you want to get to in a few months, and see your arms, back (and abs…hoooray!) reap the benefits. I used to only be able to do 1, then I learned how much it would help with surfing, and I can now do a ton. Hold on while I gloat for a sec……ok, done.

A few tips & ways to incorporate pull ups into your weekly workouts:

1. Buy an iron gym for your home, and go do a pull up during commercial breaks, when you wake up, or just randomly throughout the week.

2. Learn how to do assisted pull ups using a chair or band to help build up your strength until you can do 1 pull up. Video for:  How to do chair assisted pull ups + How to do band assisted pull ups.

3. Get out and actually play in a park. Tons of outdoor parks have pull up bars and monkey bars. Use ‘em, and don’t worry about anyone watching, they will most likely be inspired to start doing some pull ups themselves.

4. Try your best to not swing your body a ton to use that momentum to do hoist your body up. It’s better to do one or two quality reps than 6 or so when you are swinging so much you resemble a spider monkey hopped up on Mountian Dew.

5. Actually start doing them in the gym. No more lat pull down machine.

6. Buy lots of tank tops, bikinis, and sleeveless dresses.

7. If anyone is dangling off a cliff, offer to help pull them up.

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