Quick HI Trip

Sometimes all it takes is a quick trip to feel like you I went back in time. Or that was the case when my husband and I snuck back to Oahu. The last time just the two of us went on a trip was our first trip to Costa Rica five years ago. So, we were overdue. We had big plans to go somewhere super new and on our bucket lists, which didn’t happen, but, turned out this was just what we needed.  Didn’t rent a car (except for one day to find some sun) went for lots of walks, ate at the ABC store and foodland a ton, surfed Waikiki even though it was practically a lake, and reminisced.

Enjoy the mini photo journal. It’s kind of amazing how refreshing 48 hours of sunshine, the magical air, sea, and aloha of Hawaii can be.

Ok, we had one rainy day, and it turns out we needed that to help the sunburns recover. And there’s something about a rainy surf that’s pure bliss.


Links and some fun stuff:

I saw a new fragrance line at Foodland, Jules & Gem Hawaii, which happens to have a puakenikeni scent, and scooped it up immediately. Yes, it smells heavenly. Cool company to have on your radar for sure.

The Paia Fish Market is so darn tasty – worth the wait in line, or worth eating early so the line isn’t that long.

Same with Momosan Waikiki – Get the ribs, the spicy tan tan ramen, and a frozen kirin….and please teleport me there to devour it again.

Loved grabbing beers at the Koa Oasis Booze Shack. It’s literally right on the beach, but not a restaurant or anything.

The lovely blue striped dress is by Cobalt & Tawney (a fun beachwear line based on Maui) and it’s so darn comfy and versatile.

I Found a Kiini one-piece over on ThreadUp for FORTY-FIVE DOLLARS ( It’s good as new, authentic, and an amazing fit) Friendly reminder to check out that site repeatedly.

Rocking Jemma Sands jewels, my favorite Electric Sunnies (the crashers), and a lot of permagrin.




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