17 random thoughts for the new year.

Hey heeeeyyy! I’m back. Apologies for disappearing unannounced for a week or two. I just was a bit overwhelmed, and to be honest, totally uninspired. Anything I would’ve posted would’ve been forced, or total crap. Sorry. It felt good, but weird too. So how does one get back into her groove? Just suck it up and write. So given that I’ve had some time to think, here’s a few random thoughts. 

Seventeen to be exact. Because somehow the last decade of my life flew by and it’s now 2017. What?!

1. This is the year where I lose my self doubt. I’m not one for resolutions, I’d rather take baby steps each day. But if I’d actually make one, it would be to kick all my self doubt to the curb. Yes I struggle with it. And this is the year I say to hell with it. 

2. I am currently sick, like coughing so much I swear a lung is going to come up, feel like crap, aching, food goes straight through me, and all I want to do is sleep. I hate being sick. And it rarely happens. And NOTHING makes me want to be the healthiest I can be, than being sick. 

3. Speaking of being healthy, my husband and I did a one day juice cleanse…which resulted in me totally obsessing over how bad I wanted pizza for 24 hours. And peeing a ton. Juice cleanses just aren’t for me. 

4. I have a really bad habit of bidding on used designer shoes and jeans on ebay. I’ve scored some killer deals, but still. Not the best habit. 

5. This is the LONGEST I’ve been away from Hawaii since we moved away however many years ago it was. And yes I’m counting down the days until I get to go back. It’s like…58 or something. 

6. Levi is so stinking cute right now I can hardly contain myself. The funny thing is I hardly have any pics lately because 1: He wont stay still, and 2: I just am looking at him, playing and smiling so much I forget to take a pic. 

7. It’s time I bite the bullet and actually get some structure or schedule on this blog. My mom brain isn’t keeping up, and I just need to hold myself accountable a bit more. So I’m thinking maybe one fitness, one art, one outfit, and one writing a week…then fill in with my usual randomness. Wish me luck. 

8. I am going to get started on my book this year. Yes, that’s another goal. If I finish it, I get a gold star, but if I only lay out a few pages, that gets a gold star too. 

9. I honestly don’t know how many people make it through my long posts, so if you’ve made it this far, thanks. 

10. Fact: I am the palest I’ve been in a looooong time. Other fact: Sunless tanner works. (St. Tropez is totally my jam)

11. Having a baby has somehow made ¾ of my hair naturally wavy. So bizarre, yet cool. I guess it’s a common phenomenon.

12. If I had another goal for the year, it would be to travel more. Preferably of the surf trip variety. Yes, even with a baby. 

13. There are two tattoos I’ve been wanting for a while now, for various reasons. Just need to find a babysitter one afternoon, then I be getting some more ink. Sorry mom. 

14. Random total truth I’m loving and reminding myself of daily: Your greatest asset is your uniqueness.

15. The hiking your bikini bottoms up high on the sides trend cracks me up. I tried it yesterday in the mirror (sorry no pics were taken of this hilarious minute), and it just wasn’t that flattering on me, either. I’m just team hip hugger, all the way. 

16. I have some REALLy really rad design collabs in the works, and can’t wait to share them with you.

…did you notice how all these thoughts are all getting shorter. I’m losing steam. 

17. And one more final thought that kinda sums me up lately: “If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it.” ` Toni Morrison.

There you go. That got some neurons firing again.

New year, new thoughts, new opportunities, and so much to love. 


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