Some Thoughts

Every now and then, I just need to unclog my brain and write. Not a super thought provoking post, instructions, a venting session, some sort of tip or the usual stuff I write on here. I just need to sit down and write some thoughts. happenings, and just…write. 

So here are some thoughts. Along with a series of selfies where I have no clue what to do with my face. I felt good though. I actually took five minutes to do my hair and makeup, even if it’s a 90′s My So Called life type of look. I should’ve also taken one after swim lessons an hour later when I looked like Gene Simmons because my mascara wasn’t waterproof. So yeah, there’s my mug. 

Ok, now the thoughts, that are all somehow loosely connected. Should be interesting…

Levi spilled a cup of coffee on my laptop, resulting in the e, s, w, d, 1 and 2 keys not working. Aka some of the most needed keys. I therefore have to use a separate keyboard, and this makes it very awkward to write in bed, or on a couch which is where I’ve written 95% of this blog’s content. So things have just been a bit awkward. And a new laptop is not in the budget. 

Speaking of which, Levi is almost ONE. Time flies, and it’s pilot has red hair and great belly laugh and eats sand. 

Because of this little dude and our current location, and all the awesomeness that comes along with it…I want you all to know, it’s a good week for me if I get to the beach once and get to surf once. And I am so grateful for those times each week. But I feel at times I am misrepresenting my life on here. I just love those moments when my feet are in the sand or I am in or near the ocean so much…I get inspired and take way too many pics of it. So I feel a need to apologize for that. I am getting better at taking pics lounging on my patio, or artwork on my desk, and have a few cool ones next to our palm tree bedroom wall in the works too. It’s just a weird yin and yang…this blog thing. I want to show real life, but then I love those break the norm moments, travel, blissful inspired times so much, I just get consumed with sharing that. So there you go.

On that note ( travel, beach outings), I LOVE SANTA CRUZ! It seems like wherever we live in Cali, our favorite place is at least an hour away. Such is the case with Santa Cruz. The surf, the people I’ve met, the vibe. it’s amazing. If anyone down there ever wants to do a meet up, let me know. 

…and if by chance we ever run into each other, please pretty please introduce yourself and say hi. I might give you a huge bear hug ( I’m a hugger). But I love meeting people who follow this blog. It makes my day. And If I happen to be with my husband, he gets impressed, and he’s hard to impress. So that makes my day too.

Another thing that made my day: A company asked if they could use a picture of mine in their newsletter and wanted to quote it as “Artist Rebekah Steen” and well, that gave me goosebumps. I am not one for labels, but you can call me an artist any day. VICTORY! (Thanks ViX Swimwear by the way. I might just go subscribe to your newsletter)

Speaking of art, I am getting my online art shop back up and running in the next two weeks or so. Should be great. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, and items you’d be inclined to buy (other than art prints of course)

Then, random bikini related stuff, September – November is pretty much the best time to score a deal on a bikini. All the stores are wanting to make room for their new 2017 inventory, so just be on the lookout for deals. Yeah the new stuff coming is is rad, but the current gear is just as gorgeous, So save some money and put it aside for travel. 

Ahh travel. Somehow by the grace of God, I’ve made it back to Hawaii every 3-4 months since we moved away. I’m hitting the 3 month mark soon…and there are no immediate plans. wish me luck, and thank God for Santa Cruz!

Ok travel sidenote – I tend to wonder how many über babes/bloggers, etc., go on these exotic tropical locations, and rarely seem to get in the water. Yes there are some exceptions, but it just perplexes me.

Speaking of water and pictures and stuff…I am really bummed that the iphone 7 is not a waterproof flip phone with a great camera, aka my dream phone right now. 

Which brings me back to this weird back and forth. I have this deep rooted desire to unplug all the time, yet love the ability to connect, be artistic, create, and share it all. 

Oh yeah. My number one goal over the next year is to publish a book. Wish me luck. Hopefully life cooperates.

The struggle is real. Thankfully it’s a really fun one. 

To anyone who made it to the end of this post, I thank you. 

Levi just woke up. Time to go play.

But really, thanks for reading all of this. I feel better now.

With much love, 


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