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I have a love hate relationship with pinterest lately. Is it just me, or is everything sponsored, suggested, incorrectly linked to a shopstyle link, or them trying to read my mind? Oh well. Still, here’s some stuff that made me smile, wish I had hair extensions, or stumble on a free ticket to a private island.


Top to bottom. 

The aforementioned private island. With a sandbar to another private island. Which pretty much looks like heaven on earth to me right now. Seriously, where is this place? And how can I get a free trip there in the next 4 months.

• The kind of half up half down twisty braid …that makes me want to get hair extensions. 

A quote that I need to print out and frame, or just tattoo on my brain. 

• the kind of truck that dreams are made of. Only thing missing is a surfboard somewhere. But this is from a new instagram account I love called @floretflower…they have a flower farm in Washington. Need I say more?

• Speaking of cool people to follow…there are these cactus popsicles, I mean works of art, by @rymondtn, an insanely talented self taught baker in Melbourne. 

This cool looking gal in a really really cool outfit (@jamesmichelle)…that I could live in for a week straight. Because let’s face it, that’s what we all like. Cool outfit ideas. Along with inspirational quotes. And cookie, I mean green smoothie, recipes.

and finally…

• Some woven suede chucks. Because that’s EXACTLY what my closet needs now. 

And there you go. Many may more, over at my pinterest: rebekah_steen 

Ok, off to go look up tips on how to clean a house in under five minutes. And new tattoo ideas. And tips on how to get free travel to private islands.

 *None of these images are mine. They are all from my pinterest. Please click on the links above to find the image source or pin.

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