Just a flower lovin’ soul. Here’s my

Just a flower lovin’ soul

Here’s my next painting in the “babes in leis” series I’ve been doing (and having a blast with). This one is of a gal who brightens up my day with her flower creations, the one and only Pamakane…aka @Ocean_Dreamerr. She lives in Kailua, and makes the dreamiest floral creations that truly brighten up my day. Seriously, just by looking at her pics (ahem, check out these leis). Her love for Hawaii and it’s flora and fauna imbues every single color filled photograph. 

Next time I’m back on Oahu, I might have to hand deliver her a print of this and just bask in the gorgeousness of her flower studio for a minute. 

Yay flowers. Yay art. Yay beautiful people, inside and out. 

*And speaking of prints, I am getting my online art shop up again soon. Promise. In the meantime there’s some fun stuff for sale aqui

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