Inconvenient Sweaty Truths


I squeezed in a 30 minute workout yesterday, that I really did not want to do, had a dozen other things I needed to do, but ended up totally exhausted, with my butt kicked, feeling invigorated (praise the Lord), and just laid down on the floor for a second to breathe…and think (Pictured above. Yes I workout in a bikini and a tee. Perks of a home gym)

Then it dawned on me, that when it comes to working out, there are some painful truths I’ve learned to accept, and in doing so, it’s made me just that more motivated to find a way to break a sweat each day. 

The hard part is wrapping my brain around all of them. But here’s a bullet list attempt at doing so. Because that’s all I am capable of these days. Here we go:

A few inconvenient truths about working out, that help me get off my butt and workout:

It is RARELY convenient –  Workouts usually have to be done early (there were times in my life when that was 5am 5 days a week), late (lately I am the queen of the 9pm workout), when you’re tired or exhausted, or squeezed in when you’re totally busy and swamped. The good news is that you are always glad you figured out a way to get it in.

The exercises you dread doing, are usually the ones you need to be doing the most. – Squats, Turkish getups, burpies, pullups…We all feel the same pain. And gains. Whatever it is you dread, it is probably something that’s difficult/challenging/makes you sore or uncomfortable, but ultimately really helps you improve in the long run. 

Lifting doesn’t make you bigger, it makes you stronger, which comes in all different shapes and sizes. Last time I checked, it was pretty cool to be a strong woman. 

• If you see something that claims it’s easy, and you don’t have to work hard to get great results…run the other way. Fat burning pills, gimmicks, fad diets, there’s no shortcut to fitness. It’s a commitment, and once you’ve achieved a certain level, you look back and are so glad you busted your butt to get there.

• For every excuse you have not to workout, there’s someone praying they had the ability to get up and do what you are making an excuse not to do.

• Running is NEVER a punishment, it’s a privilege. Enjoy it, it’s a blessing. 

• You will constantly have to do laundry because of sweaty clothes – It is a never ending, smelly battle. And your favorite workout shirts will get permastink, causing you to have a sweaty hole in your heart when your husband throws your favorite one away.

• It takes commitment – You can’t just workout every now and then and expect to reap in the benefits. But once you’re hooked, man oh man does it feel great, and that benefit domino effect starts-a-happening.

• You are going to feel pain – Lungs and muscles burning, stretching, soreness, etc., Get used to it. it’s called making your body work.

• You are also going to feel out of place or awkward – It’s called leaving your comfort zone. (This is me in yoga class.) It’s a good feeling to have. Just keep your head up, shoulders back, take a breathe and go for it.

• Ultimately it’s up to you to get up, get dressed, break a damn sweat…and be your own inspiration – No blog (mine included), fitness model, social media account, or folder full of inspiring sayings about working out will make you be in shape. that stuff is great, but the ball is always in your court. 

• When there’s a will there’s a way to workout – Sometimes you have to Get creative, and not mind looking like that crazy person doing push ups in odd places. 

• You have to somehow, find your own personal balance amongst it all – the discipline, sacrifice, and sweat…or else you just might go nuts. 

and last but not least…

• “The only way you can hurt your body is if you don’t use it” – A famous Jack LaLanne quote. He dishes out the not sugar coated in any way whatsoever truths about fitness like a champ. In fact, maybe I should’ve just listed a bunch of his quotes for this post. Oh well. Too late now. 

There you go. There’s some honest truth workout motivation that has really helped me over the years. Hopefully something listed above motivates someone else out there as well. 

Seriously, if someone gets up and breaks a sweat because of this post, I’ll be pumped. 

Even if it’s just me, probably at 9pm tonight. 

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