It’s duplicated content fail time. Here

It’s duplicated content fail time. Here are a few IG pics that got a lot of “Where can I get that” comments. So here you go. 

Yay for wearing something other than yoga pants and an oversized tee. Or a bikini. 

Killer Belt + new favorite white tee. Lub dub. 

Kamera Palm Tree cross body bag + Fringe booties. Swoon.

RVCA Faux Fur Coat (That’s so comfy it feels like a hoodie)

L*Space Wild Side onesie. Yes, this suit. Again. 

Moccasin Slippers and über comfy pants from Golden Tote. (It’s a cool subscription shopping site. Check ‘em out) + Beach People Roundie

Salty Tee. Sold out all over, but I found a few. 

Also, if you click on the WISHLIST tab in the navigation, it’s a specially curated store full of goods I’ve given the gold star of radness to. Should you purchase anything. I get a commission. And actually make a few bucks by blogging. Dream big. 

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