My Home Gym: A Work in Progress


I firmly believe that the easier you make it for yourself to workout, the more likely you are to suck it up and actually do it. And do it regularly. And stick to it. Which causes a gynormous domino effect of amazing benefits for your body, mind and soul. Which is always a good thing. 

Which I why I pulled the trigger and finally made the initial investment in something I’ve been dreaming about, (or at least talking about) for a while. 

A home gym. 

And well, I’m kicking myself for not doing all of this sooner. Because I am such a fan of my little slice of meathead heaven in the making.

I can workout barefoot. I can wear whatever the heck I want. I can finally use that bluetooth speaker. And I don’t have to listen to that one dude groan and grunt as loud as humanly possible while doing his eighth set of forearm curls at the only squat rack. Why he needs forearms THAT strong, I don’t want to know. 

So yeah. Yay for home gyms. Now, here’s what went down. 

I used to just have two things – A TRX, and a few resistance bands I bought at Ross for five bucks. So what’s the main addition and investment? A set of Powerblocks. Powerblocks are a set of dumbbells that can easily be adjusted to weigh anywhere from 5lbs to 50 lbs. Should I go into full on beast mode, and get biceps the size of grapefruits, you can buy add ons that can make the weight range be 5 lbs to 150. Rawr. Another minor, yet awesome, detail – They take up as much space in your home as about two boxes of cereal. 

I used them a bunch at my husband’s work back when we lived in Hawaii, and got hooked. So yes, I am stoked about this.

Thanks to that big purchase, my home gym is underway. Now, I can put my “I live in workout gear” tendency to good use, and when I get even 20 minutes of free time, grab my blocks, go to my 6′ x 4′ allotted space next to where my TRX is hooked up, lay down a beach towel, and get a butt kicker in. 

Like what I did today. And am patting myself on the back for it. (sorry no instructional links, or else it’d take me another three hours to get this post up.

Note: Levi napped for an hour, I took last week totally off, and drank a massive cold brew right before I worked out. I was on a mission. 

Today’s workout: 

Tools – Powerblocks, resistance band. TRX, and a beach towel.

50 jumping jacks

50 TRX mountain climbers (each leg)

50 band pull aparts 

Abs: 3 sets 10 TRX knee tucks, then 10 second TRX side plank hold on each side, then 5 dumbbell crunches

3 sets: 10 dumbbell front squat to push press, then 10 RDL to bent over row 

3 sets: 10 dumbbell deadlifts then 8 single arm bent over rows, 8 dumbbell push up to plank rows, then 10 TRX squat jumps

3 sets: Dumbbell bench (done on the floor) then 10 TRX leg curls, then 10 TRX glute raises, and 8 TRX burpies

3 sets: 10 goblet squats (done with dumbbell), then 10 kettlebell swings (done with dumbbell), then 5 half turkish get-ups (each side)

3 sets dumbbell shoulder circuit: 5 front raises, 5 side raises, 5 shoulder presses, 5 bent over raises.

50 trx jumps

Stretch. Drink water. Done.


So yeah, if you can’t tell already by this post. I am pretty pumped about having a home gym…in the works. And might still have a little cold brew in my system. 

Just need to figure out the pull ups situation, find a bench, a stationary bike, and get something tropical in there. 

Like a palm tree or pink flamingo or something.

Also if you need a laugh and have a love hate relationship with gyms (like I do) just….take a break and watch this video. 

Pictured above: Towel // Powerblocks. / bands // TRX,

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