Latest Pinspirations

Here you go. A few things that are getting this gray matter in my brain that’s just been messin’ with me lately…to actually fire a few neurons creatively and cooperate. A huge thanks to all of these image creators for bringing such beauty and smile inducing eye candy into the world. 

And for giving me a moment to take my mind off of things for a minute…and just think, whoah, that’s pretty cool.

Collages by Kelly Maker – Everyone and their mother and even fashion obsessed uncles seem to be in love with Kelly’s brilliant creations (myself included). And rightfully so. Because, they are just that. Brilliant. 

• Floral flat lays by Justina Blakeny – Justina is a HUUUUUGE inspiration to me, and her series of flat lay florals are just a slice of her awesomeness.

On a wing and a prayer hand embroidered one of a kind work of art vintage denim. – This is a new line based out of Hawaii, but hand embroidered by traditional Zardosi embroidery artisans. Whoa. These rock, and are worth saving for. 

• Maybe my favorite piece by Dallas Clayton. Ever. For rather relevant reasons. 

• A totally bad ass + gorgeous pic from a brand I love, SKYE and Staghorn. Oh yeah that bikini rocks my world too. Pom poms. Lub dubs.

• Insert me in one of these hammocks now, please. Thanks. 

A quote by Nayyirah Waheed that literally gave me goosebumps when I read it, and then made me grab my sketch book. Yup. Writing this one down somewhere I can read it daily.

and finally…

• A vintage chevron pattern. that I wish I could have some party pants, or at least a throw made out of it.  

Ohhh yeah buddy. My brain is getting butterflies. 

Pins for the win. 

*None of these images are mine. They are all from my pinterest. Please click on the links above to find the image source or pin.

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