Aloha Print Toes. En Rouge.

And the tropical genre nail art continues. What can I say I have Hawaii on my mind. Quite frequently. 

I get inspired to try out something on my nails pretty easily. In this case, it was this rather lovely shirt, that I will probably get procrastinated and go buy before I finish typing this post. Hold on, be back in a few minutes…

Ok, now here’s how yo paint ‘em. (I tried to be an overachiever and post a quick video over on vine. It helps. Kind of.)

Here we go. Aloha print nails. En rouge. 

• Paint toes with base coat then a bright red polish.

• Using a nail art brush and some opaque yellow polish, paint some palm fronds. Palm fronds = one long curved line with a bunch of short lines coming off of it on either side.

• Using a nail art brush and some blue polish, paint a few blue leaves. Leaves = long ovals with a point at one end.

• Using a ball pint pen dipped in some white polish, paint the flowers. Flowers = 5 dots in a circle. 

• Using that ball point pen again, paint a dot in the middle of the flower in a pastel color, I used peach.

• If you have a lighter blue, paint a few highlights on the blue leaves. And if you have another shade of yellow, paint a few highlights on the palm fronds. This is optional, I am just a nail polish hoarder. 

• Let polish dry, then apply a super glossy top coat to seal the deal.

• Admire your toes. 

..then lose all will power, and go buy this shirt too. 

I used colors by Zoya and Julep. All are non-toxic. Boom. 

Mayde Australia Towel

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