A New Chapter


If it seems like I’ve been all over the place, or have gone missing, I promise there’s a viable excuse. We just moved…again.

Let me clarify a bit. We just moved to somewhere we’ve never been.

Let me clarify a little bit more. We just packed up and drove down to Pensacola Beach Florida. I guess it’s the Panhandle area, but I’m told you aren’t supposed to call it that. Well, before a few days ago, neither my husband nor I have ever been here. And we live here now.  

I don’t like to go too in depth about my husband’s life on here, but he had a job opportunity that arose that would 1: allow him a much better work/life balance (aka we’d actually get to see him) 2: allow us to live by the beach again, in a place that was affordable and 3: allow us to live somewhere where we can surf again too. So it didn’t take much convincing for me. But then again I’m the crazy, impractical, impulsive, and spontaneous one in the relationship. 

I’m actually a bit numb at the moment, maybe it’s because I don’t have to deal with moving boxes for another week or so. Maybe it’s because every time we move somewhere I cry a bunch and it’s just an emotional experience for me, and I’m trying to numb that part. Maybe it’s because I’m brain fried and exhausted. Or maybe it’s because the second my toes felt the white sand here and I jumped in the ocean, I kind of felt like I never left. Even though we did.

Things are just a bit interesting like that.

Levi learned to say beach and it’s one of the cutest damn sounds ever. Kili will go berserk the second she see’s the ocean and sand (Pretty sure I have a viable argument to get her certified as my emotional support animal so I can go places other than the 300ft wide dog beach with her). My husband? Well, let’s just say there’s a certain smile he does, that I love, and it’s starting to make more frequent appearances.

So we took a leap of faith. A big one. A Spud Webb being able to dunk type of vertical.

…and we’re excited to see how it all will pan out. In fact, there’s a certain peace we feel right now that we haven’t felt in a while. This should be a fun new chapter. 

Hawaii, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Fran, Minneapolis, and now Pensacola Beach (Actually Gulf Breeze/Navarre. We wish we had enough moolah to actually live on the beach.) I told you after we moved away from Hawaii that I didn’t know what I was going to do, but promised it wouldn’t be boring.

Promise kept.

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