Retro Tropical Toes

Well, my toes are officially ready to go back to Hawaii. High five. And hang ten (yeah, I wish) I fully intended on doing something simple and dainty, and ended up with a somewhat retro & tropical set of toes that reminds me of some 1970′s upholstery you’d find in your crazy aunt’s living room. Which, when you think about it, is a good thing. 

So, should you want some retro tropical toes, here’s an attempt at directions. 

• Paint toes a warm brown color.   

• Grab a nail art brush (I use this kit), some yellow or pea green colored polish, and paint some palm fronds. Frond = a long curved line with lots of little curved lines coming off the sides

• Done with the nail art brush. Now it’s just time for a lot of dots.

• All the flowers are just five dots in a circle, with a dot in the middle that’s a different color. (If you don’t have a dotting tool, use a ball point pin, toothpick or end of a bobby pin.) 

• Do a bunch of flowers on top of the fronds and in the empty spaces – I did a few big orangish red ones, then a few little blue ones on each toe. Have them overlap at times too. 

• Add a few more random dots if you’d like, because dots are fun.

• Let the polish dry and seal it all with a super glossy topcoat. 

• Done

Have a little barefoot dance party while jamming to some Don ho. 

Then send your crazy aunt a pic of your toes that match her arm chair. 

More of my nail art AQUI

Tools: Winstonia Nail art kit // Nail Polish by Zoya and Julep

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