Ritual Reboots

A few weeks ago, I was able to attend this really cool thing called a Ritual Reboot. It was an event centered around self care, and had some yoga, a bunch of wellness experts, and all that zen-worthy, leave feeling like a big warm fuzzy, jazz. I needed it. And it made me realize something super simple, but beneficiary that I kind of have, but need to focus on a bit more.

Rituals. Of the self-care variety. 

As in the ones that help you take care of yourself, that do your body, mind, and soul a helluva lot of good. And you DON’T, not for a single minute, feel guilty about doing them. (Need more info, check out this post). 

So, I felt like sharing my newfound rituals: daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. I am on week two, so far, so good. I mean it’s not a chore or anything, this is stuff I love doing and look forward to. Feel free to join in, or hopefully they might inspire some your own.  

Daily: My cup o’ tea

Every night, after I put Levi to sleep and have cranked through some emails, I make a big ass mug of piping hot chamomile tea, with a spoon full of honey. Then, I close my laptop, hide my phone and shut my brain off for a while. This is pure bliss. In a mug. It might sound simple and boring to you, but pair it with some comfy clothes and perhaps Fixer Uppers on HGTV. I’m in heaven. It calms my brain. Which I need. The tea and honey ritual started a while ago, when my mom always made me some when I was back home, or when she was visiting. And I always look forward to it. And now I do it each and (almost) every night. Although on the weekends it miiiiight just be a cocktail.  

Other options/ideas: Morning stretch, shower before bed, walk at lunch, singing a song in the car. You get the point. 

Weekly: Open Space.

Once a week I go to the beach. Not for work or to take pics, but to relax and soak up some salt, sand, and sun, (or if I’m lucky, get to surf) and live what I preach. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes. I go. (Hypothetical situation: I don’t live somewhere by a beach – Find somewhere that’s a quiet open space, and go soak up some sun, and fresh air. Sorry just no salt.) This keeps me grounded. I need to be somewhere where I feel small, and somewhere with open space. At least once a week. It is like a detox for my mind and psyche. When it’s at the beach, it’s the best. When I am landlocked, a hike, park, or open space outing does the trick too. I think this need is just in my genes. Queue the Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces song now…

Other options/ideas: A yoga class, spin class, some sort of beauty treatment, go dancing, journal, only eat fruits and veggies. Boom.

Monthly: Have a sketch fest.

I love to paint. Always have, always will. Yet, it’s amazing how easily it gets pushed back to the last item on my “things I have time to do” list.  So, I’ll take a few hours, even if it’s late at night, and I go to town. With paint, pens and paper. I make a mess, I paint as much as I can in that time, I don’t feel obligated to share any of the creations, and I feel invigorated, inspired, and realize once I get started it doesn’t take that long to do a painting. Which hopefully leads me to painting more, and discovering more, and having more fun with art and creating in general. Pretty sweet once a month domino effect here, folks.

Other ideas/options: Drive somewhere out of town, see a play, read a book, unplug for a day or two, get a massage or facial, do a boxing class, take a cooking class. Fun stuff.

Then finally, my favorite…

Yearly: Travel somewhere new. 

This is a goal that’s also a ritual. I have this crazy desire to see as much of the world as I can, and go back to the places I love as much as I can. Without going totally broke. So once a year I go somewhere new. Whether it’s a new destination, or going back to Hawaii and finding something new to discover. Key word is new. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page.” Well, I want to read a freaking encyclopedia. Experiencing a new place gets me inspired, grounded, motivated, happy, speechless…gosh I need a thesaurus to find all the adjectives. It’s just what gets me amped up and going in life at times. And I love the idea of bringing my l’il kiddo along to experience new places and open his eyes to the world too. You just learn so damn much, and you get rich in unexplainable ways. Need I say more? Didn’t think so.

Other options: None, I think you should try and go see new places too. Even if it’s just a road trip somewhere. Travel. It’s the new yearly ritual.

So there you go. 

Jumping fist pump for some rituals that rock. 

I am off to make a mug of chamomile tea with honey, dream of going to the beach tomorrow, buy some art supplies, and look into flights to Australia.

And thanks again to Sonage for hosting such and inspiring event. A HUGE thanks to Sujata for watching Levi for me during it (who, of course, decided to cry when yoga started, then again right at shavasana. How original of him.) 

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